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  • ☆ Up the Oklahoma River with a Paddle September 22, 2014
    The Oklahoma River will be hosting the 2014 Canoe Marathon Masters World Cup followed by the Championship title ceremony. Saturday night, Paddle Fest, the first ever Dragon Boat Festival, takes place on the Oklahoma river to support the Sus […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Tulsa Climate March participants call for transition to using clean energy September 22, 2014
    … from power plants is one of the leading causes of climate disruption,” said Barbara Van Hanken, chairwoman of the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sierra Club, before the Tulsa People's Climate March got underway at River Parks, across from  […]
  • ⚐ ☆ City of Stillwater accepts ODEQ consent order September 21, 2014
    The city of Stillwater has agreed to pay a $1,760 fine to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality as part of an agreement to fix problems with the city water system that enables it to avoid further fines. The fine stems from the su […]
  • ☆ Eufaula enjoys change dam brought about over 50 years September 21, 2014
    She spoke about the rich Canadian River bottomland before it was covered 50 years ago by Lake Eufaula. “The dam ... The lake , known as Oklahoma's “Gentle Giant,” covers more than 105,000 acres of water and nearly 164 miles of shorelin […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Outdoors notebook: Wildlife Expo returns to Lazy E next weekend September 21, 2014
    Also, possession of an Oklahoma City hunting permit will not be required to participate in the drawing as in past years. However, if an applicant's number is selected, the winning participant must buy an annual permit on site at the La […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Water Main Break Disrupts Business In SW OKC September 20, 2014
    Several businesses are without water due to a water main break in southwest Oklahoma City. The water main break is located in front of Little Joe's Boots, 2219 Exchange Avenue. According to officials, the businesses surrounding Little […]
  • ☆ Meeting focuses on waterway condition September 20, 2014
    WASHINGTON — Congressional delegations from Oklahoma , Arkansas, and Kansas met with leaders from their states to discuss the condition of the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, a media release states. The waterway starts at t […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Convincing residents in Oklahoma to conserve water can be a hurdle to drought ... September 20, 2014
    Convincing residents in Oklahoma to conserve water can be a hurdle to drought planning efforts, officials say. There are plenty of hurdles to curbing a state's water use, but somewhere near the top of the list is making residents under […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Watch Al Jazeera's Video on Oklahoma Drilling and 'Far From Normal ... September 19, 2014
    Imran Garda talks to Oklahomans worried about daily tremors, energy industry representatives who claim the study is bogus, and gets a behind-the-scenes look at how the chemical-laced water required to frack is disposed of courtesy of a conc […]
  • ☆ Groundbreaking celebration scheduled Saturday for Tulsa's newest park along ... September 19, 2014
    TULSA, Oklahoma — A groundbreaking ceremony for Tulsa's newest park along the Arkansas River is scheduled this weekend. Saturday's event marks the start of the project that will eventually transform nearly 100 acres of city waterf […]
  • ☆ Western Governors' Drought Forum begins September 19, 2014
    Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin kicked off the first meeting of the Western Governors' Drought Forum, "Managing Drought in the Energy Sector," on Thursday. Fallin addressed the impact of drought on agriculture, industrial, energy a […]
  • ⚐ ☆ EPA Says Substance In Deep Fork River Isn't Oil September 18, 2014
    According to Okmulgee County Emergency Management, the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality says there were no oil constituents identified in samples collected from the Deep Fork River on Sept. 15. A strange substance was reported t […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Water users try their hands at drought mitigation during a simulation in Norman September 18, 2014
    In the real world, decisions about whether to expand a reservoir or install water pipelines aren't decided by a roll of the dice. But during a drought simulation Wednesday in Norman, Oklahoma water officials planned major infrastructur […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Devon using plastic covers to preserve water used in fracking September 18, 2014
    Oklahoma City-based Devon Energy Corp. last year began experimenting in west Texas with covering the large pits it uses to collect water for use in hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. The process typically uses about 4 million gallons of wat […]
  • ☆ Drought Challenge promotes collaborative solutions September 18, 2014
    Drought Busters was one of five teams comprised of water stakeholders from a wide variety of industries who came together Wednesday at the National Weather Center in Norman. They were there for the inaugural Oklahoma Drought Challenge hoste […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Duncan Notifies Residents Of Water Quality Issue September 17, 2014
    DUNCAN, Oklahoma -. Duncan has notified residents that the city's water supply has exceeded the maximum contaminant level of a chemical that's used to disinfect the water . Public Works Director Scott Vaughn says the levels of tri […]
  • ☆ State Officials: Oklahoma Needs Oil Industry's Help To Meet Water Goals September 17, 2014
    “Anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate evaporation, especially the further west you go, would be an extremely valuable asset.” In some parts of western Oklahoma , Texas and the desert Southwest, more water is lost to evaporation […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Moore, Oklahoma, celebrates new wastewater treatment plant September 17, 2014
    City leaders also struggled to meet environmental regulations with the old plant, especially ammonia levels in the processed water . The city initially hired Edmond-based Eagle Consultants in hopes they could fix the old facility to lessen […]
  • ☆ GOV. MARY FALLIN: We are leading the way in energy September 14, 2014
    And while Oklahoma energy is literally powering the country's economy, we're also working to protect our environment and conserve our most precious resources, like water . Energy companies have developed remarkable technologies fo […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Okmulgee County Crews Seek Source Of Spill Into Deep Fork River September 13, 2014
    OKMULGEE, Oklahoma -. Okmulgee County Emergency Management hopes the public can help them track the source of a substance that spilled into the Deep Fork River . Round one tests results, conducted by the Department of Environmental Quality, […]
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