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  • ⚐ ☆ Russellville angler tops at Grand Lake April 26, 2015
    ROGERS -- Another champion was crowned Saturday before the FLW Tour's weigh-in at the John Q. Hammons Center as Shawn Gordon of Russellville won The Bass Federation National Championship at Grand Lake O' the Cherokees in Oklahoma […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahomans urged to find ways to reuse waste water April 26, 2015
    ... told a crowd Thursday. If you're trying to build up the amount you have in savings, there are two ways to go about it — deposit more or spend less, said Cunningham, the chief of the Oklahoma Water Resources Board's planning an […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Share “Water conservation efforts important all...” April 26, 2015
    Those two cities and four others in the region are considering going together to pay roughly $12 million to dredge silt from Waurika Lake in order to gain access to more drinking water . ... Comparable conditions can be found across western […]
  • ⚐ ☆ 'Right to Farm' is poor work April 24, 2015
    No one knows if HJR 1012 will jeopardize Oklahoma scenic rivers and other natural resources. What if current Illinois River water quality studies show the need to strengthen pollution rules? Will HJR 1012 prohibit the Legislature from adopt […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Stimulus Grants Moving Southeastern Oklahoma Forward April 24, 2015
    With grants and loans under the Federal Stimulus act, running water and broadband internet service have arrived for the first time in Southeastern Oklahoma. Hundreds of people have running... […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahoma lakes and rivers home to caviar source April 24, 2015
    In Oklahoma , they are found mainly in the Grand Neosho and Arkansas River systems. The river system feeding Oklahoma's Grand Lake is believed to hold the most robust population of paddlefish in the world. Some paddlefish live 60 years […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Water Committee settles on top three firms April 24, 2015
    Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) out of Tulsa, Burns and McDonnell from Oklahoma City and Garver USA are the top three firms. ... That list includes: lakes, a study on the various Duncan lakes such as their yield and usability; th […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Scientists convinced of tie between quakes, drilling April 24, 2015
    Until recently, Oklahoma — one of the biggest energy-producing states — had been cautious about linking the spate of quakes to drilling. But the Oklahoma Geological Survey acknowledged earlier this week that it is "very likely" th […]
  • ⚐ ☆ One Drop at a Time: Water conservation at home April 23, 2015
    LAWTON, Okla._As Southwest Oklahoma goes through one of the worst droughts in years, many wonder what kind of impact their daily water use has. Officials say the average family uses around 7,000 gallons of water each month. As we begin our […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Sierra Club Calls For Injection Well Moratorium In Oklahoma April 23, 2015
    Along with Food & Water Watch, the local Sierra Club said it would like to see water disposal operations halted in the 16 counties the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the state geological survey have identified as having the most ea […]
  • ⚐ ☆ National report confirms that Oklahoma is at greater risk of earthquakes April 23, 2015
    The report maps out a huge swath of Oklahoma that seems to be at increased risk of seismic activity, basically covering the middle third of the state from the Kansas border to the Red River . The highest risk of an earthquake comes in north […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Confirmed: Oklahoma Earthquakes Caused By Fracking April 23, 2015
    The new website says, in a post dated April 21, “The Oklahoma Geological Survey announced today the majority of recent earthquakes in central and north-central Oklahoma are likely triggered by the injection of produced water in disposal wel […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahoma's Clear Link Between Earthquakes and Energy Boom April 23, 2015
    Halihan: There's a bit of history there because the protocols were developed to keep the very salty water from getting into the freshwater aquifers and contaminating them. The original methodology for getting rid of the water was to pu […]
  • ⚐ ☆ PBS Newshour: Oklahoma Links Earthquakes To Oil And Gas Industry Wastewater April 23, 2015
    When you drill as much as Oklahoma does – anywhere from one-fifth to a quarter of all jobs in the state are tied to the oil and gas industry – all that water has to go somewhere. Wertz said historically, injecting that wastewater deep under […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Water board OKs cloud-seeding plan April 23, 2015
    Members of the state's Water Resources Board wished “godspeed” to Lawton officials as they voted Tuesday morning to grant the permit for the city's estimated $250,000 cloud-seeding plan aimed at replenishing watersheds in southwes […]
  • ☆ Congressman Mullin Fighting to Stop Waters of the US Rule April 23, 2015
    Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02) continues to fight the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) deeply-flawed proposed rule defining Waters of the United States under the Clean Water Act. Mullin cosponsored legislation calling […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Share “Sierra Club calls for injection well...” April 23, 2015
    Along with Food & Water Watch, the local Sierra Club said it would like to see water disposal operations halted in the 16 counties the Oklahoma Corporation Commission and the state geological survey have identified as having the most ea […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahoma Admits Oil and Gas Industry Responsible for Dramatic Rise in ... April 22, 2015
    On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Geological Survey released a statement declaring it was “very likely that the majority of recent earthquakes, particularly those in central and north-central Oklahoma , are triggered by the injection of produced wat […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Scientists Blame Fluid Injection, Removal for Texas, Oklahoma Earthquakes April 22, 2015
    “The model shows that a pressure differential develops along one of the faults as a combined result of high fluid injection rates to the west and high water removal rates to the east,” SMU Associate Professor of Geophysics Matthew Hornbach […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahoma Geological Survey: Earthquakes linked to oil and gas activity April 21, 2015
    “Based on observed seismicity rates and geographical patterns of migrating seismicity in Oklahoma , which follow major oil and gas plays with large amounts of produced water , these rates and patterns of seismicity are very unlikely to repr […]
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