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  • ⚐ ☆ OTT JOHNSON: That elusive water issue still burns February 26, 2015
    It was back some 25 years ago when a task force proposed a major pipeline from Alaska, or perhaps northern Canada, to carry water down the plains, which included western Oklahoma . The proposal died from lack of interest, money or both. Sti […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Nitrate levels a concern in Rural Water District 2 February 25, 2015
    According to Wilson, adults and children over 6 months of age can drink the tap water but infants up to 6 months should not consume that water at all. Wilson is working together with the Oklahoma Department of Environment to choose a plan t […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Water committee offically formed February 25, 2015
    He served as an in-house insurer for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board and as the lead bond counsel attorney for the Oklahoma Water Resources Board's last 10 revenue bond issues. He, his brother John A. Bachelor III and Michael Sulliv […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Share “Oklahoma City considers deal to supply...” February 25, 2015
    The Water Utilities Trust will negotiate terms of an agreement that could help assure a continuing and growing military presence in the metro area. by William Crum Published: February 24, 2015. Oklahoma City is offering to rebuild aging wat […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Growing Resistance to Legislation that Could Lead to Cross-state Water Transfers February 24, 2015
    Doughty pointed to Canton Lake , in northwest Oklahoma , as an example. The lake is at 20 percent of its capacity after losing billions of gallons of water to Oklahoma City in 2013. Since then, businesses in nearby Canton have struggled or […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Snow Does Little to Ease Oklahoma Drought February 24, 2015
    She says the snow will help moisten ground but farmers and ranchers need runoff water to fill up their ponds. "It's terrible. The drought is terrible out here," said rancher Lloyd Scott, who has 160 acres and 180 head of catt […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Why fracking seen as link to rise in earthquakes in Oklahoma February 23, 2015
    MARCH 25, 2014 FLE PHOTO Brennan Linsley/ASSOCIATED PRESS Geologists are trying to figure out if earthquakes in Oklahoma , and other fracking states, are being caused by drilling wells, and how much water is being injecting and how deeply. […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Fracking Is Shaking Oklahoma February 23, 2015
    Geologists have known for many decades that when pressure underground is changed -- when people inject water , for example, or extract geothermal energy -- latent earthquakes can be triggered. While the great majority of fracking-wastewater […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Share “Water transfer bill worries southeast...” February 22, 2015
    The bill would set up a task force to study the possibility of transferring surface water from parts of the state where it's abundant to areas where it's a scarce resource. But residents in southeast Oklahoma worry about the impac […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Agency directors: Exploring ways to better manage Oklahoma's water February 22, 2015
    Oklahoma's five-year drought is affecting 2,043,212 Oklahomans, or more than half of the state's population, in some manner. The drought's impacts are starkly, sometimes alarmingly, visible at many of Oklahoma's western […]
  • ⚐ ☆ River-use tax proposed: Commission hopes to improve its rivers but funding ... February 22, 2015
    Canoes carrying campers and counselors for a New Hope summer camp embark for a 12-mile journey down the Illinois River in Tahlequah on June 28, 2011. The camps are available to children whose parents or guardians are incarcerated in Oklahom […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahoma Conservation Districts To Hold Annual Meeting February 21, 2015
    Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District is the meeting's keynote speaker. During the meeting, conservationists are expected to discuss subjects such as improving soil health, water quality and maintaining upstr […]
  • ☆ Deckard to compete in college fishing tourney February 20, 2015
    Mitchell Decker of Coweta is one of six anglers from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford to compete in the FLW College Fishing Tournament planned this Saturday, Feb. 21 at Lake Texhoma. […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Oklahoma Association of Conservation Districts to hold 77th annual state meeting February 20, 2015
    Markwayne Mullin from Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District is the meeting's keynote speaker. During the meeting, conservationists are expected to discuss subjects such as improving soil health, water quality and maintaining upstr […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Lake Hefner water levels take a plunge February 19, 2015
    If this again were to be a solution, Canton Lake would nearly have to be completely drained. As of today, Canon Lake only holds just over 32,000 acre feet of water . This is the time of year that levels at Lake Hefner are at their lowest. M […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Cities Consider Tougher Drilling Rules, State Lawmakers Eye 'Local Control' Limits February 19, 2015
    In Oklahoma City, public fury over an energy company's proposal to drill near Lake Hefner, a city water supply, pushed the company to withdraw its application. The city of Stillwater is considering tougher rules for oil and gas operati […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Low oil prices, lower water reserves challenge Oklahoma February 19, 2015
    “In Oklahoma , looking at a $600 million budget shortfall, the idea of investing in water infrastructure is pretty tough,” Cole said. “One area I think we are doing some pretty good work is in research. “There is everything from groundwater […]
  • ⚐ ☆ Water shut off for Chickasha residents without warning notices February 19, 2015
    CHICKASHA, Okla. —More than 200 people in Chickasha had their water shut off this week due to an issue with notices not being sent out. KOCO reached out to the city manager's office and was told the notices were prepared last week. How […]
  • ⚐ ☆ OSRC agrees on amended funding recommendation February 18, 2015
    “The test is, for whatever reason, when Oklahoma named multiple tributaries 'scenic,' the OSRC was only given jurisdiction over the Illinois River , Flint Creek and part of the Barren Fork,” Hilsher said. “We're an agency tha […]
  • ⚐ ☆ OKC plans water pipeline to help mitigate drought February 17, 2015
    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — Oklahoma City officials plan to lay a 29-mile pipeline to help offset the effects of a multiyear drought on the municipal water supply. ... A city engineer says the pipeline will ease demands on Lake Hefner and Lake Ove […]
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