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Southwest Water Task Force in action

The Chamber and City of Altus are leading an effort to secure high-quality, reliable sources of water within the region. Together with other regional stakeholders, they have formed the Water Task Force Working Group, which is currently implementing actions proposed in the Southwest Water Supply Action Plan.
As reported in an online article by the Altus Times, updated February 26th, members of this group include the Altus Chamber of Commerce, Altus City Council, representatives from Altus Air Force Base, and other individuals representing the agricultural and industrial sectors of the local economy. The Water Task Force is also working with the Mountain Park Master Conservancy District, which is overseeing Tom Steed Reservoir and the production of additional groundwater supplies.
Other water sources and water quality are top priority for the Water Task Force. For instance, the group is addressing water quality issues caused by Trihalomethanes (TTHMs), the rehabilitation of the Holloway well, additional local groundwater wells, enhanced water infrastructure, improved water treatment with Reverse Osmosis (RO), and further studies to identify water sources within the region.
Acting City Manager Greg Buckley, a member of the Water Task Force, was quoted by the Altus Times, “We are within reach of solutions because of the incredible efforts of our city staff and the leadership of our city council. I am proud of the work that has already been done, and I can assure you we will work very hard to complete each of the projects ahead of schedule if possible.”

Updated: June 3, 2017 — 2:00 pm
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